Breakthrough Coach Business Solutions

Ottawa Business Coach

Expect results, period.

Visit our main website at www.breakthroughcoach.ca

Breakthrough Coach is Ottawa’s premiere business coaching firm that specializes in helping small- and medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs unleash transformational growth potential in their company. We help high achievers identify the tools needed to grow professionally and personally so their company can join that top five percent of businesses that comprise the high-growth firms in any market. Founded by Eric Deschamps, an accomplished Ottawa-based business owner and author of “Turbocharge Your Business Now,” Breakthrough Coach is a growing enterprise. Today, it powered by the values that were instilled when the firm was first launched: a commitment to greater accountability, clarity, honesty and personal/professional success.

The process is personal.

Whether you are seeking to fine-tune your business to reach peak performance, or to overcome personal barriers that stand in the way of you achieving greater success, Breakthrough Coach works with you to develop a personal plan. Step by step, we build a business-development system tailor-made for your unique needs, engineered for greater profitability and growth.

Stop managing solo.

Unlock the power of having independent, professional advice from a skilled business owner to help you tackle the daily challenges of entrepreneurship, including marketing, sales, customer service, human resources, financial comptrollership, leadership…and more. Not only will you learn how to cut through the fog of managing, you’ll embrace leadership and gain a new level of control over your time and how you spend it on your business.

Tested for results, backed by a network.

All business-development systems at Breakthrough Coach are field-tested in the market. We recommend what’s been proven effective in the marketplace by small and medium-sized businesses. All our coaching practices are supported by resources from a network of over 100 affiliated business coaches located across the United States and Canada.

Visit our main website at www.breakthroughcoach.ca


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